Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What are YOU doing here?

My novel, The Life of a Teenage Body-snatcher, has just been shortlisted by the CBCA in the Older Readers category. Yes, I didn't expect it either. It hasn't happened before. But thanks to the judges and those people who said nice things. Here's the Older Readers shortlist:

Cath Crowley: Graffiti Moon. Pan Macmillan
Sonya Hartnett: The Midnight Zoo. Viking Books, Penguin Group
Joanne Horniman: About a Girl. Allen and Unwin
Doug MacLeod: The Life of a Teenage Body- Snatcher. Penguin Books
Melina Marchetta: The Piper’s Son. Penguin Books
Fiona Wood: Six Impossible Things. Pan Macmillan

To the Penguin People - especially Dmetri - my deepest gratitude. I apologise for sending you pictures of violent penguins over the past year. I thought they were funny. But they were in very bad taste and I promise not to do it again.


Dmetri said...

oh, but we liked the violent Penguinis, Mr Doug. We have gathered an entire army, which will soon be released on recalcitrant authors.

michaelgerardbauer said...

Congratulations on the shortlisting Doug!

DougMacLeod said...

And you, Michael. After all, you're also on one of the lists. Your book has the best cover. Who chose the dog?

Anonymous said...

What am I doing here?

Blame Hazel Edwards.

I think I stole Dmetri's word verification...